This little light of mine

Each of us have something we were meant to do. We all have a purpose. We all have that little fire inside of us that lights up when we do something we are passionate about. We all have that goodness inside of us that manifests our greatness. It is in all of us. And when we choose to be comfortable at a level that is beneath our greatness… we waste our purpose in life.


This week I’ve been “interviewed” 6 times by a magazine, a women’s organization who asked me to be their keynote speaker, a few business managers, a dream job employer and the one that stood out the most… my editor.

He can be quite mono-toned and mundane so when he blurted out “Is this your purpose? Have you found your purpose in life?” I was stunned for a moment. I didn’t really know how to respond to him.

People go their whole lives not knowing what they were meant to do. Even worse, people can go their whole lives not living and never attempting a purpose. Had I found my purpose? Have I attempted this to be a purpose? Was this it? Or is there more?

Surely I was never meant to be an athlete.

But maybe I was meant to be an example of hope, or perseverance, or determination, or love.

“Yes. Yes, I believe I’ve found my purpose.” I responded.

“Well then,” he chuckled, “lets talk a little bit more about that.  Because maybe it’s my purpose to help you get there.”


I was asked to be the keynote speaker at a local high school regarding “Women’s Empowerment” – I’ve decided to name my presentation after the name that I’ve decided to name my book.

Not gonna say it yet… but if I have time after the presentation on Tuesday, I’ll post the entire presentation for you to see.

Until then, what’s your purpose?


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