fun with dread mills








It’s the middle of November and it’s too dang hot to do long runs in the afternoon here.

I wish I had this guys enthusiasm on the tread mill. It’d be much more fun this way!!

2 Responses to “fun with dread mills”

  1. Sorry Myssie, can’t “like” this post… I’ve got a 51 mile ride on Sunday for a buddy’s birthday run – it’ll be maybe 27 degrees after our cold front moves through on Friday/Saturday. It’s gonna be nasty.


    • I’ve spent my entire life living here on the Southernmost tip of Texas – which turned me into the biggest beach bum and ranch hick that ever lived. 100+ degrees is the norm ’round these parts. Which is fantab for laying out on the dunes or midnight campfires in the brush but training for marathons… not so much. Don’t laugh… our cold front on Saturday is going to be a whopping 52 degrees. Our schools will likely shut down and shelters will open. Are you rolling your eyes yet????


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