Waiting in Vain

It’s that time of year again. ANNUAL EXAMS

I really should consider myself lucky because my team of doctors take such great care of me. They make sure that I go in to see them, follow their instructions and they even go so far as to follow me on Facebook to check on my progress (or regress). They all know my story, my history and my concerns. They were all very good friends of my mother’s as well.

Since Momma passed away, they’ve done a really good job of “mothering” me.

My general exam went really well. “Running has made a big difference in your health.”

My female exam went really well. “I’m not worried about your weight anymore. You’re doing great!”

My heart exam went really well. “You just keep running!”

My CA125 results came back in. “Negative”

I get a real kick out of my OBGyn. He’s probably the most motherly of the whole team. “What’s your biggest concern healthwise?” he asked.

“I have a huge cloud looming over me. The fear of cancer” I blurted out. “I have a family history of heart disease and diabetes but I’m most worried about cancer.”

He calmly replied “You are exercising and eating right. You keep enormous mounts of stress under control. You’re doing everything right. But your genes are your genes and you can’t do anything about that. Don’t worry too much about it. You’re doing all you can to stall those genes.”

And he says it all in this voice like you’d imagine someone reading a Mother Goose story to you with. Best of all… he said there was absolutely no problem keeping my vice. COFFEE!!!

Of course that may have just been a strategy on his part to keep me calm before the dreaded words:

“just relax… you’re going to feel a little pressure…”

photo (17)

Yes, he even lets me keep my Balega socks on šŸ™‚

Next is the mammogram.





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