“We need to be clear which emotions are harmful and which are helpful; then cultivate those that are conducive to peace of mind. Often, due to a lack of knowledge, we accept anger and hatred as natural parts of our minds. This is an example of ignorance being the source of our problems. To reduce our destructive emotions we strengthen the positive ones; such emotional hygiene can contribute to a healthier society.” — the Dalai Lama

October has begun and the debate has ensued. To Pink or not to Pink.

I am so happy that Mom’s favorite color was ORANGE!!! I feel like Switzerland again!!!

“It is not anger that creates the change we need, it is passion.” ~ Myssie Cardenas-Barajas


p.s. I was asked a few days ago if I label my blog entries with names of songs that I’m listening to. I answered “yes”. 🙂 My playlist is an open book to my life. It probably says more about me than my blog or SM posts ever will.

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