More than words

I met the most amazing inspiring relentless unselfish determined people today. I met my National Flex Team with Team in Training.

Besides knowing that we all trained virtually together sharing workouts and tips and tricks online for the race tomorrow – what had not been talked about was everyone’s “why”.

One man had battled cancer before. Twice. He’s a survivor. His wife wasn’t. She died two years ago. He does what I do for her.

One man lost his wife just eight months ago. He’ll be riding tomorrow for her.

One man proudly told me about the wonderful success of his stem cell transplant. It is the reason he is here today. He owns a bike shop. This is how he gives back.

One woman was not a woman. She was an ironman. And a survivor.

A woman walked up to me at the expo and said “go team! I’ll be seeing you tomorrow. You are why I’m alive today!” A woman said the same thing to me in San Diego at my first marathon.

Everyone on my team had a story, a connection. We all worked relentlessly to get here… More than most realize

I’m riding with angels, true real life angels tomorrow.







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