I was able to reach 100% of my fundraising goal at the eleventh hour with the help of amigos from the run club in the next county. I was so touched by the text that I received by the co-leader of the group who candidly told me of his personal experience and loss of his father when he was just five years old.

It is still very disturbing to me how many of us have been touched by cancer. It is still very encouraging to know that so many of my friends are willing to do something about it!!!

Thank  you all for your donations and support. It means the world to me.

Now… onto the HARD training. See, prior to this… it was easy training. Time to get serious and get up with the big dogs.

Everything changes now. Lifestyle, good/bad habits, nutrition, play, work, prayer… it all changes.

Leave a Reply. I enjoy reading your feedback. Your support fuels me.

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