In 24 hours, I will be reunited with classmates from St. Joseph’s Catholic School. The small group of forever friends that I have known since I was in first grade!!! We are sure to discuss all that we have done, detailed gaps that aren’t discussed on facebook and show off pictures of kids, pets and travels. I. CANNOT. WAIT.

I will not be wearing blue plaid. (inside joke)

In 24 hours, I will know more about my blood disorder and possible leukemia.

In 24 hours, the sun will come up and the the sun will set.

Today’s 24 hours included my PR (personal record). I rode my bike the furthest I’ve ever ridden = 68 miles.  In 25 mph wind and blazing 100 degree heat!!! It was brutal but the crowd I was with made it so much better. From serenades to sock dances to dumping water on us better than the star of Flash Dance, it was a ride to remember!!!

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Yesterday, my youngest boy put his foot down and had enough of Mommy running, biking and swimming for his grandma that he misses so. He begged me to sign him up for a 5k race so that he could run to beat cancer, too!!

I ran alongside with him the entire time and his big brother cheered him on. We all wore orange.

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I’m so proud of my boys. They get me. They get it.


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