20 seconds

There are days when others say it better. Coach Chavez said it best.

This was copied from her facebook just hours after the Couples Triathlon on Sunday in Austin.

This is how the 800 meter swim panned out this morning: I was confident in my open water swimming ( I’m not fast but I get it done) the water was warm and I was ready. 5,4,3,2,1 and we are off. I couldn’t get a good rhythm with my breathing ( had to breath every stroke) then my sighting was horrible I kept swimming to the right, I could hear the guy in the canoe telling me ” you are swimming off course…so more sighting . When finally I decide just float regain your composure and just see where the hell you are going! So I stopped tried to tread water nope baby your in fresh water you ain’t buoyant – oh hell I’m not wearing a wet suit I CAN’T float!!! PANIC !!! I sink , I try to float on my back , I sink ! Again , I swallow water , I gasp ! That’s it call for help!! HELP with my right arm waving in the air for the girl on the canoe!! HELP, I’m here I hear her say. I extend my arm and hold on, I look at me Garmin 114 meters !!! That’s it 114 meters , I look to my left and the start of the swim was right there ! The Bowie on the other hand was FAR!!! That’s when she asked ” are you ok?” I looked up at her and said ” I’m scared” – I kept looking at the start it was right there , she could just help to to get OUT and I was done! Then I said NO , oh hell NO , all that training, all those hours for what? You want to be an Ironman and you can’t even swim 800 meters- she asked again can you do it? I looked at her and said ” I have too” I let go of the canoe and off I went. Many things went through me head first all the people whom I motivate , those that say if she can do it so can I and second Myssie Cardenas-Barajas saying “It takes 20 seconds” and it did!!!

20 seconds


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