Lean in

I was told by someone that this blog is all about me bragging. I’m sorry that person feels that way. I will admit that I have received some much needed confidence back in my life. I will admit that my body has changed – a lot in the beginning and little by little now. I do think that my training has improved my performance but that’s because I’ve stuck to a plan designed by a professional and have worked hard for it.

So I’m sorry you don’t get the message that I’m pushing myself because of a cause. I’m pushing myself because I made a promise.

I found out that I am not the person I once was. I wanted to make myself a better person and make the world around me a better place for my kids.

The problem was I recognized that I was changing and acknowledged it… Aloud. See some people think that if you become better than who they think THEY are… You should be stomped down and put back in your old place. Or just don’t say anything at all.

I’m figuring out quickly who truly wants me to succeed and who doesn’t.

And it’s really sad that trying to do something for those who are battling cancer are the ones who will suffer for it.


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