Where the magic happens

The 5a.m. Cycling group escorted me on today's ride.

The 5a.m. Cycling group escorted me on today’s ride.

A year or two ago ago, where I am at currently would have been outside of my comfort zone. I wasn’t a runner but I had the courage and determination to join a group of encouraging runners that I DID NOT KNOW PERSONALLY and stuck with them, soaked up all the advice they gave me and ran with it… yes, that pun was intended ๐Ÿ™‚

Now I find myself in a new arena. I gradually went from running to triathlon that allowed me to keep my comfortable running friends who continued to encourage and feed me with advice and support. From there, I have jumped into this century ride challenge and have few (but solid) connections now with the run group.


On Saturday, I found myself back on the trail with the runners for a short two mile trek as the new Fall season of Team In Training formed to train for the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco, the San Antonio Rock & Roll Marathon and the McAllen Marathon. I knew no one… well, except Sarah (our honored hero) who has now become completely enamored with Vero and would not smile for the camera unless Vero was in the picture! They were all new fresh faces that were eager and scared to either run their first marathon or challenge themselves into getting back into the shape that they had when they were on the high school cross country team or those fabulous 20’s that we all loved. They were me two years ago. Uncomfortable.

step outside your comfort zone

But I was home. I felt so comfortable there with them. Peering over their heads as Janie gave us her “Mission Moment”, I saw a handful of the girls from my Run Walk or Crawl run group on the trail across from the Valley Running Company parking lot. More of my “Homies”. I was being constantly reminded of everything that made me comfortable.

That’s when it hit me.

You know that voice inside your head that tells you to quit? That one was quiet.

The OTHER one was speaking…

“Get out of your comfort zone, Myssie! Let the magic happen,” She said.ย “It’s time to trust in Him again as He leads you into the next part of your journey. It hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies. It’s been tough. In fact, this journey has been the toughest part of your life so far hasn’t it? And He never left your side. Did he? ”

You know… you’re right. God never left me. It WAS hard. I know it will continue to be hard. But He really IS there for me.

I’ve gone through some devastating personal issues over these last few years. I’ve been brought to my knees, soaked in tears and wanted to give up on this world more times than I care to remember. But I’m still here.

And I’m ready to push myself into the next uncomfortable place. I’m ready for that miracle.


This week, everything changes…. again.

I will do something that I’ve never done with people I don’t really know. I will learn all I can from all types of athletes of various sports… and will communicate it all to my coach to finally ask her “why” so I can learn even more. I will no longer train in a group that I feel comfortable in – where great friendships are formed – but force myself to not give up when I am alone… when the cheers are gone… when no one is looking.

I will go where the magic happens.

Thank you to the 5A.M. Cycling group who allowed me to join them this past weekend on their long ride. Thank you for not dropping me and walking me through each gear change as every little hill came up or the wind changed. Thank you for your patience and encouragement. Thank you for making me feel like one of your own. ๐Ÿ™‚


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