Hot stuff

I took a 2 hour bike ride in the middle of the afternoon so I could train in 100 degree heat to get acclimated to the desert heat of Las Vegas.

I should have gone further than I did for 2 hours but I was IN the city with crazy drivers. I fell once and almost got hit twice so I slowed it down to keep myself alive!!! I learned quickly that the city I live in is not yet suited for cyclists on the road. But I was determined to get my miles in and time on the saddle in the heat. Soooo I went where I knew I was safe… The jogging trail. 😦

With so many stops and shade trees, the training didn’t go as we’ll as planned but at least it was something.

I did get to see lots of people I knew on the road though!!! That made me feel a bit safer. This city now recognizes me in the orange and riding the orange bike. I’m kinda hard to miss… Unless your texting and driving or talking on a cell phone. (Like those two drivers were)

I found that only one fountain was working on the 2nd street trail and were full of bees. I found that the cross signal buttons on Trenton do not work.

What has happened to the city I was once so proud of?

I found myself getting angrier by the minute!!! I was halfway into my ride and was already shaking with anger and fear so I changed my music to calm me down. I remembered Baby E and that she had just had her spinal tap this morning. How can I be angry and full of fear when this child just did that and then asked for Jason’s Deli afterwards?!?

I quit my gritchin and kept riding.

I felt my knee swelling from the fall. And there it was… You know that annoying voice… “Myssie, you can’t do this. Give up. No one is watching anyway. Just quit.”

But it is when no one is watching that the miracles happen to me.

All it took was her breeze. And I knew… Yes, she was watching. She was watching over me.



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