Bump on the road

Coach Overly and I decided to move me from the Maniac team to an individual athlete because of my crazy goals. Honestly, I thought she’d have a bigger conniption than I did when I got the news about the change in the Century ride race for the Triple Crown. But she didn’t… I’m still having my conniption.

See… There’s this bump. A five thousand foot incline bump on the course!!! I live in flat lands. We don’t have bumps… a.k.a. Mountains.


Other than training, I’ve been able to get great news from so many new friends I’ve met along this journey.

Heather just returned from her doctors office who have her the good news that she was cancer free.

Baby E seems to be doing well too. She returns to chemo next week after this good break but if she’s got half of her Monmy’s spirit, I’m sure she’ll bounce back like always.

Christa went to see her doc just days after doing the triathlon with me and came back with the news that she is cancer free too!!!

Deborah just celebrated her 22nd wedding anniversary with cancer free news too!!! What a party!

I know what I’m doing is crazy. But in also getting people to talk about this more. Friends are going to the doctor and getting checked more. They know what signs to look out for. They know there are options and best of all…

They know there is HOPE.




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