Under the Sea

Today was my first open water swim in a lake. For weeks I’ve been looking forward to this day. It was nothing short of what I had dreamt it to be.


The water was like perfectly smooth silky satin. Not a ripple in it anywhere. You kind of expected Nessie to pop her head up any second out of the lake for her next photo op. the moment I stepped to the waters edge, I fell instantly in love. It mesmerized me.


I sat on the edge of the dock and slipped my feet in to test the temperature …. Perfect! Have you ever felt like when you’re doing something or at a place that its so comfortable as if you’re in the home you grew up in? That’s the only way I can describe this. I felt like I was home.

There was talk of snakes and contaminated water…. Blasphemy! It didn’t scare me at all. I felt like I was home. And nothing bad happened! No snakes! No turning neon green from contamination. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I was however attacked by lake weed. It was in my hair, tangled around my neck, up and around my arms and and some made its way into my mouth!!! Nasty!!! Super nasty!!!

But with my goggles, when the pack swam straight and I didn’t , I got the chance to look all the way down to the bottom of the clear lake and watch the plants sway and wave at me. The fish were speckled and shimmery, some were tiny with big eyes and others were really REALLY big with long noses. They kept their distance but seemed like they were spectators cheering me on. Tree trunks shot up out of no where and were just under the waters edge. I seemed to loose my breath each time I swam over one – afraid they would stab me.

After these last few months of training in the pool, I’ve clearly become accustomed to lane lines. They don’t exist in lakes. I swam every which way BUT straight!!!! This is something I really need to work on. It can ruin the entire race for me if I don’t address it.

I swam from one pier to the other and back, once with a wet suit and once without it. And then went for a three mile run on the trail where an illegal alien jumped out of the brush and asked if I had the get away car. Not sure why I get all the illegal alien drama happening to me each time I’m in La Joya but now I can’t wait to get back and see what other adventures I can find out there.


Maybe I’ll find a nice frog.






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