the fear of letting go


As hard as it is at times to let go of a certain someone or something, there has to come a time when you decide that your own well being and happiness means more than anything or anyone else.  I am not speaking from a selfish view, not putting yourself above others at your gain, but not letting anyone or anything negative affect you or bring you down. Any negativity directed toward you, in my opinion should be removed with no further plea.  I am not saying that nothing will ever get you down.  It is life, and its events will be unfair at times, that is out of our control.  What we can control though is who and what we allow to be in our lives.  Surround yourself with an environment that is going to help you along your journey to success. Find sources of inspiration, knowledge, and positivity.  Give yourself the best possible opportunity to succeed at anything and everything you want to accomplish. The question is this: what means more to you? Are the road blocks in your way really worth sticking around for? Do you they mean more to you than your own internal happiness and success?    Could a hot air balloon fly, if weight was to be tied around the basket?

So it’s time to cut the ropes and spread your wings . . . . . . . allow yourself to soar!

Quoted from “theycallmevfitness” (and reposted from Iris’s facebook notes)

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