Big Audio Dynamite

I love music. I love dancing. Growing up, I frequented way too many dance clubs, befriended all the cool DJs and most of the club owners… and ALL the bouncers. So, when BAD was blasting… you know who was right smack in the middle of the dance floor. Arms flailing and eyes closed, I was in my own little world. high school dance

Not much has changed. Now that I’ve become so engrossed in training for the Triple Crown I hope to win in Momma’s honor, I’ve found myself in a similar state… my own little world, arms flailing and eyes closed. So when this song played recently on my playlist, I remembered that I had not been paying much attention to the “Bottom Line”.

The Triple Crown that LLS is dangling in front of my eyes calls for me to complete a marathon, a triathlon and a century ride. It also requires me to spread awareness, train correctly and raise funds.

I’ve splattered social media with my message. I’m on billboards along the expressway all over the Valley. I’ve been featured on front pages of local newspapers.

I’ve trained like a “maniac” for months now and tracking my progression on this blog, on Run Walk or Crawls FB page. My coaches have turned this flabalanche into an athlete with potential. And that’s a pretty difficult thing to do!

But I’ve not spent enough time with my fund raising.

Thank goodness for my friends who have stepped up and offered help when I need it most.

Summer Garcia is donating ALL her proceeds of the Scentsy fundraiser she’s hosting for me. If you’d like to buy one or get a refill, please, click here.

Lulu Luxuries is hosting a ONE week fundraiser of Lenny & Eva cuffs and charms. If you use the code RUNMYSSIERUN when you purchase a cuff (just in time for Mother’s day), a portion of those proceeds will go to Mimi’s Miles via Team in Training as well. Click here to shop online.

Or you can simply donate directly by clicking here

Help me get to the bottom line. Help me fight cancer on this very special week in memory of my mother and my little brother.

Leave a Reply. I enjoy reading your feedback. Your support fuels me.

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