Throw back Thursday


Today was my swim time trial and last practice before the triathlon on Sunday. The last 10 weeks, I’ve spent training alongside 11 other athletes that will be racing with me at Stanley’s Triathlon.

See, the thing is that they all have grand extensive athletic backgrounds. They played sports and competed in UIL in high school and some have college experience, too.

I was in FHA (Future Homemakers of America) and Drama and Sergeanettes. Not much competitive athletic experience there. I’m not sure I ever broke a sweat in High School. EVER. I ran my very first mile ever in November of 2011. I was 41 at the time – don’t do the math please. Oh! Did I mention that I’m old enough to be the mother of 75% of this team??? I kinda stand out here. I’m the one that doesn’t really belong.

So when I was last to come in on the time trial, yes, I was disappointed once again in myself. BUT I did it!!!

I won’t be on the podium on Sunday. But I’ll finish. And I’ll be well prepared for that triple crown come May.

Because it doesn’t really matter if I place or not. No one thought I could do this. Including me. And I’m doing it. Anything is possible.


I’ve surpassed winning already. I’m living. I’m really living life to its fullest.

Thank you Donny for that well deserved lesson. You were right.
You always were.

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