No longer Switzerland


I had a conversation with Coach Chavez a few months ago about how worried I was with my blogging and documenting my journey and not wanting to turn Momma and Sissy into some gimmick or myself.

And it all came tumbling down a couple of days ago.

My friends who truly knew what I was doing came immediately to the rescue. Coincidentally, I had just heard the story about our local bike gangs. Seems that local run clubs have gangs too.

Figured I was no longer Switzerland. And then all of a sudden .., was sent this picture. It’s awesome when the other countries come in to fight your war when you yourself refuse to stand up for yourself.

I know there will always be those people who just will never “get it” because they never ever cared about the cause in the first place and are tainted by their own agenda or the seed that was planted by that bitter crowd. But it still hurts when they try to knock me down. And it still feels super awesome when those that DO understand out number those that don’t… And stand up for you.

I love my super women!!! Thank you!!!!

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