This is my TEAM. There is no I in TEAM. I spent every Saturday last year with them. When my Sissy died of cancer in September, they were there. When my Momma died in April, they were there.

They hardly knew me, the quiet girl who cried at every mission moment and smiled during every run. They all ran for a cure.

Each of their runs have helped someone out there get treatment, research, awareness… And helped heal me. They helped heal my sorrow, my unhealthy habits, my emptiness.

I run with my TEAM. My TEAM runs for you. There is no I in TEAM.

But there is in triathlon!!!! And this is how I….. I will do my own little personal part. I will try harder this year.

I will TRI. And my TEAM will be there for me and for you and for the rest of this world.

Go team!!!

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