Today I got “tagged” for Erica. The group of women runners that supported me this last year with donations, running partners and nonstop encouragement are the same women who have now organized an effort to fund raise and encourage another one of our own women runners as she battles cancer. A simple shiny pink dog tag – probably worth pennies – is being sold for $50.00. Iris, the ring leader of the run group known as Run Walk or Crawl and “tag” instigator, had to make another order of tags because they went so fast… But so have her expenses. Each of us that bought a tag placed it around our necks and posted a picture of us wearing it on Facebook for her to see. Erica is single mom with young children fighting with all her might to regain her life as she once knew it. We are doing all that we can to help her. And it’s truly amazing to see how many wonderful people are out there who do step up in a time of need. I made a single post on Facebook and was able to get so many airplane tickets and donations for her and her family to go back and forth to MD Anderson. I was able to lead them to Angel Flight ministries who have offered to fly them when those donations run out. She is now on the list at Hospitality Apartments with rent free and utility free housing just blocks away from the hospital and transportation, wifi and even pots and pans for her. So many good people!!!

My life is so blessed to know so many wonderful people! I hope and pray it’s not too late for Erica to know them too.


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