Just TRI it

My stomach was in knots all day. It was my first day of official triathlon training with Coach Sandy Overly. I had a really big important lunch meeting that I think went pretty well but could hardly eat three forkfuls of food!!!

See, I’m just a regular ordinary girl. I don’t have the history of athletics that the rest of these people have. My self confidence is probably large enough to fit in the palm of a child’s hand. And that’s enough to blow my time… That and an injury and just finishing the Herothon half marathon just two days ago and being off my feet for a month was probably all it took. I blew it. I clocked an eleven minute mile.

I know I’m better than that. And even though I KNOW it’s not about time, it’s still disappointing that I felt I didn’t do my BEST. Now I HAVE to do better.

There’s no room in this journey for going at it half a$$ed. That’s not what they wanted for me.

That’s not the message I want to send out in their memory either.

I must try harder.

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