Beat up by a red ball


Doc gave me some exercises to do today for therapy. Gotta admit.. Part of me still thinks this was part of a conspiracy of pranksters. I mean really… How is a little innocent teency weighted red ball going to work me out?!?! Come on… I run marathons for heavens sake!

Yep! You guessed it! I got served.

That little red ball you see here made me wobble, fall and had all the other patients in the office scared outta their wits. One poor man actually stopped in his tracks and clearly did not think he could survive if he got any closer to me. I think he feared for his own life and the life of the therapists that were around me and that red ball.

My exercise was supposed to help improve the little muscles in my foot that controls much of the pain I endure during my runs. But I think the muscles that got worked out most were the abdominals of all around me (and myself) from laughing so hard at me!!! Trying to bounce that ball off a trampoline while standing on one leg was quite comical.

But in true “Myssie” form, I didn’t give up and completed the challenge! I looked like a flamingo taking a sobriety test…. But I did it!!! And better yet, there were no serious injuries to the other patients being served.

Thanks Doc! Both my feet extension increased to an impressive eleven!!! What does that mean??? I have no idea but I’m supposed to get to an even higher number. Coming from a negative 3 last time, Doc seemed pleased with my progress.

Something tells me this was all the work of Donny from way upstairs!!! Can you hear that giggle?

Boogie woogie woogie

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