Remember when

Took some time today to clean out and reorganize my home office and had the guts to look at some old photos and documents that Momma had saved. They were stacked up on my bench these last few months.

Did you know that we were really poor? We never really looked poor or acted poor and since I’m talking about it… I never really felt poor because we were always so happy. I mean, aren’t poor people sad all the time? I remember all those Sally Struthers commercials on TV that showed all the starving kids with tears in their eyes… They were poor. We were always smiling so that meant we weren’t poor. Right?

Did you know that I couldn’t wait to get my first little apartment in college just so I could finally have air conditioning? My windows were always open when I was growing up because we could t afford the electricity of air conditioning. I think my friends just always thought I kept them open so that I could sneak out with them. Nope. This is the real reason.

So on that note, my dad would try to make extra money playing little gigs whenever he could. We had grandpas old piano. Dad was loading and unloading it so my piano teacher helped me draw a piano on a folder so that I could practice anytime anywhere I could. All I had to do was remember the sound each key made in my head and I could play anything. She promised me. đŸ™‚

I found that old folder.

Now I know how powerful my imagination can be. For years I practiced on that folder. I may not be a professional concert pianist now but I did perform well enough to win a few dozen pageants and a piano talent scholarship from the Miss America pageant organization.

My point of this blog entry? Momma kept this for me. Memories of times that were tough but never stopped me from accomplishing what I was set out to.

She told me time and time again…”You can do anything you set your mind to.” She believed in me. I can’t thank her enough for that foundation of my dreams.

She painted the skies orange for me during yesterday’s 10-mile run. That’s how she speaks to me now.

Call me crazy… But I know she was there with me during my mission moment. I’m so grateful! I’m still the luckiest daughter in the world!


One Response to “Remember when”

  1. Xochie Sarabia Says:

    Hugs to you and Don. Keep writing, Myssie. Love you.


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