I love it when doctors speak in Bob Marley!

Everything is gonna be alright!

I look back and think “I should have gone the medical school route” so that I could have understood 1/4 of what the doc said this morning.

There he was spewing out names of joints, ligaments and muscles that I vaguely recognized from that biology class that I kept dozing off in…  and all I clearly understood was “You will be able to run your next two marathons”.  I probably won’t PR in them… but I’ll finish.

Seems that all that yoga and dance that I’ve been doing for decades have not convinced my ankles to flex and rotate properly for marathon running. Whodathought?!?!? So, off to do some crazy funky toe and towel exercises with weights to see if I can make a difference. By golly, it will! I know it. Have no choice.

After all the medical jargon ended. He gave the old pata a few tugs, felt a few pops and remeasured. I went from a negative 3 to a positive 1. 14 more to go!

Improvement already!!!

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