The boy who stole my heart

A few weeks ago, I ran the Fiesta Marathon. This marathon is the annual fund raiser for Palmer Drug Abuse Program (which is VERY close to my heart) and was the first race I had run last year. I had decided to make this run personal for me because it wasn’t cancer related… At first. Just before the race, a tragedy occurred. 26 people were murdered – many of them children. I thought to myself, I’ll run a mile for each life lost. And when I think about giving up… I’ll think of their families to push me to keep going.

And then I heard what another team mate was doing. He carried a decorated golf ball for Ben Karam the whole way through. After the race, he would present the ball to Ben. I loved the idea and Ben was looking forward to it!

So how would I do this? There’s 26 miles in a marathon. If I dedicate one mile for each life lost and one mile in prayer for Ben… That would mean I’d have to run 27 miles!!!

Those of you who ran the Fiesta can already tell how this story ends 🙂

The volunteers misdirected the first few runners in the wrong direction… Adding 1.4 more miles than we were supposed to run. Yep! I ran 27 miles for all the right reasons.

Today, that extra mile and the prayer that went with it was answered…

Ben is home. He is now in “maintenance” mode. God is good all the time!!!

And yes, I have the decorated ball still that will continue to run with me at Herothon in San Antonio and Ben is my Honored Hero.


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