Barely Breathing

My year started off with an adventure already! What started off as a 20-mile easy bike ride with some of the cyclepaths through Sharyland Plantation down to Granjeno and back up to Mission Trails ended up with a man hunt and big hugs.

I’m still not sure of what I can really do on a bike. I just got a Garmin and was curious to see how far I’ve come with the spin classes. We had a couple of experienced century riders, another beginner like me and another experienced rider but on a MTB. We took things really slow in the beginning until we hit military. That’s when they told me I should test my legs and give it all I’ve got.

I took a deep breath, pushed into the toughest gear and began my climb… hot dang! I was going fast! It felt great!!! And then I got spooked because I knew I had to stop soon for the light. The series of little sprints felt good… But I needed to make sure I can handle the distance.

I do wish I could listen to music when I ride. I’ve always relied on music, rhythm and lyrics to keep my mind off of any pain that I have in me. Cycling forces me to focus on it. I must listen for traffic, look for pot holes, feel for balance… Where’s the escape I’ve been used to with running? There’s no room to zone out. You must focus and you must address the pain.

For a moment during today’s ride – the first of 2013 – I wanted to call it in and go escape running into the trails nearby. I had my running shoes on… It would be easy. But thats what it would be.. An easy escape.

Momma didn’t take the easy way. She did things the right way even when it was hard, when it was painful. She didn’t ask for pain medication if she knew she could bear through it.

What gives me the right – the excuse – to think I can get away with the easy way out? Ya, that’s right.

So on that last attempt… I dropped them all in my familiar overcast cloud that my weather angels always seem to provide when I know they’re watching over me.

Barely breathing…my angels made sure my next adventure that day ended in hugs and kisses.

Happy New Year!




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