Killing cancer

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“My life, like most people’s, has been negatively affected by cancer, and the thought of my young children living in an age where this is no longer humanity’s No. 1 health fear was simply overpowering.”
Shane Smith

On the Seventh Wave

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Much time has passed since my last blog update. Much more has happened… good and bad and many decisions as a result of them.

Today is the first day of March. March is Colon Cancer Awareness month and I would be remissed if I went without asking everyone I knew if they knew what was up their butt. So, What’s up YOUR butt???

Unfortunately, as I checked my facebook feed this morning, I found that my Fraternity Phi Sigma Kappa Big Brother, Joey Soto, has rectal cancer. This is proof that cancer IS prejudice. It picks the best people on Earth. See, in college, Joey was this handsome, gentle, funny, debonair, green-eyed cowboy that all the girls swooned over on campus. I was president of Delta Zeta Sorority and my college boyfriend was a Phi Sig. Joey was his big brother and because it was in his nature to go the extra mile, he looked after me as part of his duty, as well. I never got into trouble and no one messed with me. I think a lot of that had to do with people knowing never to mess with a cowboy from Central Texas.

That's Joey. The one with the green eyes and dangerous guns!!! These guys showed up at all our DZ events, protected us and always  infused an overdose of fun and giggles into everything we did together.

That’s Joey. The one with the green eyes and dangerous guns!!! These guys showed up at all our DZ events, protected us and always infused an overdose of fun and giggles into everything we did together.

How he shared his news to the world via facebook was one of the most incredible posts I’ve ever read. I’ll share just a little part of it (I hope he doesn’t mind):

So I was talking to God last night. Yes, we talk often… Most of the times, it is about you guys. We have a good laugh and then move on to other topics, but he started telling me last night some things that he wanted me to share with you. He also told me to remind you that I am sick right now so you HAVE to Listen.
He said:
1. Take time every once in a while for those you love. Maybe, once a week, do something they really want to do. Whether that be go walking down the Riverwalk on a Saturday afternoon? Or go to a Plant Nursery? Just let the world stop every once in a while and smile. You will realize how beautiful it is sometimes.
2. Take care of your health. He told me that I am very lucky that he has given me the OPPORTUNITY to fight this and not just be gone one day. For that I have been given a chance to fight. AND I promised him I WILL FIGHT !!!!!!!
3. Talk to him. Yes, he is the Big Boss, the CEO, and all that, but his door is always open. He said he even had the door removed from his office so it is always open and he is ready to listen.
That is all he really told me last night. That OOHH and also not too worry at all. He’s got this for me and I will be ok.

I celebrated my 45th birthday this week. OMG!!! Did I just say my real age… out loud for the whole world to see and scrutinize and judge???? YES! YES I SURE DID!!! There was a time, not long ago, that made me cringe each time my birthday came around. Now, today, I no longer take my birthday for granted nor can I afford to ignore the blessing of another birthday… because the alternative is just something that I nor my family can handle right now. I am FORTY FIVE and am more blessed now than I have ever been before and I thank GOD and the world for allowing my silly age issues to annoy them this long. Won’t happen again. A lot of people don’t get to live this long. A lot of people who do live this long haven’t lived as well as I have. I honestly feel better now than I did at 25 and 100x better than I did at 35!!!!

My birthday wish was for people to donate $10 to #TEAMSARAH and the blood cancer treatment grant that our local LLS chapter is hoping to have named after her instead of posting a facebook birthday online for me. I had almost 1,000 social media birthday wishes and raised just over $500 in birthday wish donations from it. BEST GIFT EVER!!!! Thank you!!! Most people don’t have 1000 facebook friends so for me to have this many people send so many good vibes on my special day AND donate was validation to me of how awesomely I am blessed. Words can never thank everyone enough. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and love.

I was also contacted by the American Cancer Society this last week. They told me that they wanted to honor my mother, Mimi Cardenas, my family and what I have done in her memory by naming me their honoree at Cattle Baron’s Ball this year.

Geez!!! Does this get any better????

Yes, but I’ll leave this for another post.

And now the bad stuff but with the silver lining… because that’s how I do things.

About a month ago, shortly after my last post, three of my teammates were cycling and were hit by a drunk driver. Two are recovering well and the third suffered a traumatic brain injury, a broken back and a tough struggle to come back to a normal life again. This was the morning that we were all supposed to go ride in memory of Eddie Arguelles who was also hit by a drunk driver almost a year ago now.

The silver lining? It’s this: I wish you could have seen the waiting room at the hospital that morning with all our teammates there. Holding hands in prayer, we became more bonded and unified for Christina and for our cause that we are so passionate about.

However, I did make the personal choice – after much discussion with my family – that I would step away from Team in Training this season. I will NOT be participating in Ironman Victoria this June. I WILL CONTINUE TO FUNDRAISE AND I WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT LLS, TEAM IN TRAINING AND ALL THINGS THAT SUPPORT CANCER AWARENESS AND THE DREAM I HAVE TO LIVE IN A WORLD WITHOUT CANCER. And yes, I’ll post more about this later in another blog post.

Until then… find me on the seventh wave.

Remembrance Ride for Eddie Arguelles…my first ride of the year.

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Ride for Eddie Arguelles

Even though it’s been almost a year since Eddie Arguelle’s passing, our cycling group and cycling community is still trying to cope with the loss of a cycling buddy. A loss that was unnecessary and for which we may never fully reach that last stage of grief…acceptance. Today was the Eddie Arguelles Remembrance Ride 19 that was organized by his wife, Monette, and Crossfit friends as a fundraiser for Easter Seals. Many cyclists from all over the valley came out to ride and honor his memory. I usually don’t like to ride during the first two or three months of the year due to the cool weather, but I had to make a very special exception. It was my first ride of the year, but this time without my friend Eddie.

First ride of the year for us was all about catching up to the group. Fun ride - Eric Jimenez (Left to Right) Arlene, Irma (me), and Eric. First ride of the year for us was all about catching up to the group. Fun Ride. – Eric Jimenez

Today’s ride was nice and…

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Heal Over

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Mission moment: “It’s not about me and it’s not about Dezma losing her fight against cancer. We are all still here, fighting for her and every other person fighting. So long as we continue to fight, we aren’t losing! Dezma hasn’t lost the fight.”


German, my run guru and cheerleader of my crazy dreams, advises the new team members on shoes, form, gear, practice, nutrition, hydration and consistency.


Sarah pacing Angel because sometimes he needs that extra little push at the end


I met Rolando about two years ago and finally got him onto our TEAM!!! I’m so happy and proud of him!!!


Sarah and Gio soaking up the sun


The first day of practice, a group practice with both the Marathon team and the Triathlon team, was so incredibly beautiful!!! The skies were blue, the air was crisp, our smiles were big and our hearts were warmed because Sarah was right there with us!!!

I talked about perception earlier and I’ve taken it deep into my heart and hoping to better show you what I see. Learning how to use the new gopro and have a ways to go… and no time to do it in!!! I’ll do the best that I can. I had to change the original song and quickly use one that Youtube chose FOR me and it ended up chopping it at the end instead of the fade out that made Jeanice’s flirty little hop at the end kinda cut off…

Training, watching what I eat, fundraising and learning new camera and video editing tricks is really tough.

Shouldn’t complain though… it really was a stunning day with great people!!!


myssie running 3

It really felt great to be out here again with this group!


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I met Sarah shortly after I ran my first marathon in the summer of 2012. She is like a lot of other little girls and being the mother of two boys, and always wanted a little princess of my own, I gravitated towards her naturally.

Whoa… wait a minute. It must be more than that. Way more than that. Because everyone always gravitates towards her naturally. You can’t help but love this girl the moment you get that first giggle from her!!! Sarah loves to play and run and jump and race and challenge you on the monkey bars. She gives big bear hugs and laughs from deep within her belly. Sarah is a special needs child, but you would never know it. She’s special because she needs help fighting cancer.

At this time, if you’re anything like me… you’d skip all this jargon and skim right over to the pictures I posted of her and think to yourself: Are you kidding me? This little girl has cancer? But she’s so happy and looks so healthy!!! No way!!!

Si guey.

And here’s what really gets me… she and her mother, Anita, are at almost every single one of my practices and events ever since that first meeting in the park. If you’ve read my blog before or followed any of my social media accounts and have seen pictures of me running along the 2nd Street trail, swimming at a pond, lake or video at the Bay on South Padre Island or cycling along the back roads in Mission, chances are that all that footage was taken by Sarah’s mom. Now think back… that’s a whole lot of footage documented!!! Yep! And I can say with all my heart, this woman is probably one of THE most devoted mothers I have EVER met in my life… and I’ve known a lot of great moms!!!

Ever since I got into my health and fitness kick, I’ve heard so many people say,”I would go run (or bike or swim) with you but I just don’t have the time because I have (insert excuse of your choice)”.  I always smile and never push, but Anita always comes to mind when I hear people say things like this.

Anita has a child fighting cancer. A NORMAL day of a mother is hectic enough, add to this being a mother of a special needs child with cancer. Now pile on 20-some triathletes who do various workouts all throughout the day all over the county and events all over the State of Texas. Now add on about 50 runners with various distance marathons trampling all over everywhere… and she’s always there.. WITH A SMILE ON HER FACE…and a camera to record YOUR smile.

In February of last year, while at a “mission moment” run at Bill Schupp Park, Anita announced that Sarah was cancer free. I wrote about it in my blog here:

Her mother, Anita, took center stage for our mission moment. She announced that Sarah had been declared officially in remission earlier this week.

Anita was the first person I ran to when I embarrassingly DNF’d at CapTex last year. I wrote about it here:

Ashamed, coughing and crying, I ran straight to Anita. I wrapped my arms around her, dug my head into her shoulder and cried out “I didn’t make it. I didn’t make it”

It should be of no surprise that when Team in Training decided to create a TEAM SARAH and asked if would like to be a part of it, a split second hadn’t passed before “YES” blurted out. How could I refuse the adorable little girl who steals all my pickles from my SAG kit?

This is Sarah Morales. She has been my honored hero for several seasons and now I have the honor of being on HER team.

Would you please be on her team, too? We are raising $100,000.00 in her honor so that other children like her can be healed and get assistance. Please give what you can here on this link:

1558479_10153778019830068_1652416855_n sarah morales 1 sarah morales 2 sarah morales sarah1

sweet sarah 1 sweet sarah 2

60754_10152198831170068_1892368678_n 563380_10152584435515068_1467746965_n

Prayers answered on God’s time

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Miracles happen all the time, every day. I’ve prayed for them. I’ve seen them happen. I’ve also been witness to unanswered prayers. I’ve been witness to agony, evil, sin, struggle and especially the confusion of those so devout (or seemingly devout) who don’t understand why they deserve what is happening to them.

Over the last two and a half decades, I’ve delved deeply into the taboo corners of religion, faith and our higher power. And while I rarely speak about what I personally believe in, I do speak often about my Catholic upbringing and the wonderful foundation it has given me; the understanding that certain things happen simply because there is a grander purpose that we (as individuals) may never have the opportunity to understand.

I do pray. I do believe in the power of multiples in prayer. I do believe in faith. I do believe in ONE God. And I do believe He has many names, like me.  My name, Myssie, becomes Margarita in Mexico, Gretchen in Germany and Margaret in England but I am still in essence just Myssie. And what I say in one country may become translated into another language and mean something slightly different in another country but still in essence, I still strive to do good, be better and love a lot and drink coffee and listen to all sorts of music… except polka… just can’t get into that. Are you understanding the correlation I’m making with regards to religion? I don’t know how else to explain it other than I can possibly be the Catholic version of a very politically correct John Lennon without all the great fame and musical talent…. oh and I don’t smoke pot, either.

So what do God and prayers and miracles have to with cancer and marathons or triathlons? 

Third buoy of an open water swim triathlon: “Oh my God! I still have how much more to do to reach the finish line?!?!?!”

Mile 22 of a marathon: “Please God Please help me keep my pace! Don’t let my IT band pop!”

3rd round of chemo: “Heal (me or insert name of choice), God, and I will serve your will. I’ll do whatever you want. Just take the cancer away!”

Even if I replace the word “God” with another name of any other religion of your choice, and the prayer is answered (of which I’ve seen many times) or unanswered and the outcome ended up completely opposite of what I prayed for… it seems the big Guy upstairs has a way of letting me know that it was only because something else had to have happened, a lesson learned, a person met, a friendship formed, a hardship endured and/or conquered, to have gotten me to the place where I am now…. where I am supposed to be now. It’s a crazy plan, I know. But somehow, He’s got it all figured out.

Or at least I have faith that He does.

Today, I was able to witness Momma’s miracle – or at least a little bit of it – happen. She prayed so hard not for herself to heal from cancer but for her family to heal. She prayed for “softened hearts” she called it. It is no secret that the wife of my baby brother, Donny, and I have never been close nor seen eye to eye but today we sat together for almost two hours by ourselves talking calmly to each other over coffee about healing after the deaths we had to deal with, the boys we are to continue to raise and about Team in Training and her interest in doing a triathlon.

I was careful in our conversation as to not ask questions that could possibly trigger anger. In fact, the only question I asked was at the very beginning with “How are you?”. She was just as careful in letting me know that she was dealing with her anger issues. And I was eager to share with her the experience that helped me heal in hopes that she would have a similar healing experience with Team in Training.

And while I am still cautious about our relationship, I cannot help but be so filled with hope that this may be the answer to Momma’s prayers for a happy and healing family that she always wanted us to be. And a way for me and my family to see more of my nephews!!! One of which is my Godson.

Running a marathon with Team in Training gave me the opportunity to meet and get to know Sissy’s biological family. I now know that this was part of her plan. Maybe a triathlon with Team in Training and my late baby brother’s widow will give me the opportunity to heal with his. Maybe this is God’s plan.

Sometimes running or swimming or cycling isn’t always about pace and endurance. Sometimes, especially in my case and probably countless others, it’s about answering some prayers when least expected.

I hope Momma knows and is able to see what happened today from Heaven or the universe or wherever you believe we go after life ends. Maybe that’s why the sun was shining this afternoon. Maybe she was our sunshine during our little miracle :)


Thank you to those who have donated already! Every little bit counts and I cannot do this by myself. Thank you!!!


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We all have a journey and while many of our paths are similar, no two perspectives are identical… however, I believe in this case I have found a twin. Irene’s journey of witnessing her parent stolen by cancer is overshadowed by the love and faith of God and the many miracles (or “signs” that I call them) that soothe our sorrowed heart. While I am a few steps ahead of her on the map of our journey, this was a great reminder of why I do what I do.. and why I MUST CONTINUE.

Originally posted on A Journey Towards Eternity:

It seemed to come out of nowhere. For over a month there had not been a drop of rain, and yet here it was, early in the morning, and all around the thick, dark clouds masked the sun and gestured at the approaching storm.  I arrived at the funeral home more than an hour before we were scheduled to depart that morning.  The two days prior had been a blur of funeral planning, visitations, hugs, tears, song, prayer, more tears, and more hugs. It was the morning of June 25, 2014, and I was about to celebrate my father’s life, his legacy, and lay him to rest.

We had been expecting his passing. It wasn’t sudden. Eight months earlier, On October 14, 2013, my father had a tremble in his hand while holding a drink, his grip released and the drink fell to the ground. Not one to shy away…

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